The confectionary laboratory of Lastochka LLC completed the last test period to produce new lines of the chewy caramel - Sancarin, GoodCrut, Aximola, Richibon. These are very interesting lines of the chewy caramel, in which we tried to combine different flavor variations for all sweet teeth. Now the caramel is being packed with the help of a new vertical packaging line. All the listed trademarks are registered in the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks, with the copyright belonging to Lastochka LLC.

The company "Lastochka" Ltd. launched a new line of filling and packaging complex, for the packaging of sugar cookies.

The company "Lastochka" has launched a new filling and packaging line for filling marmalade in convenient packaging.
Whole new range of marmalade, now looks new - Marmilanti, Limpasetki, Bibilini, Sladenmil, Kremberi, Multimilk - in a modern convenient package.

On February 15, 2013 the production company "Lastochka" launched a fully automated line of shrink tunnels.

The production enterprise "Lastochka" Ltd. started the production of a new type of sugar cookies - "Slavnoe". These delicious cookies are lean and recommended for religious believers and also for the people leading a healthy way of life!

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