Since time immemorial, people have realized the life cannot exist without motion, and motion is the life itself. You can find it in different ways and shapes; it can be mechanical, physical, biological, social, etc. And, in general, it makes people strive for the best, to self-knowledge of their unlimited possibilities. When life comes into being, it’s growing and developing, it’s in a constant motion. And when a person realizes he doesn’t stand still and wishes to improve himself, the real understanding of love for life comes to him, as he always has enough to aim at.

Since birth, a child experiences the life with mother’s milk. Child’s body is growing and this development comes through first feelings, first mouthfeel. Owing to sweet taste of breast milk the child is growing. Why can’t we fail to love such concept as a “sweet taste”? The thing is scientists found that sweets are antidepressants. One-of-a-kind, they favor endorphins secretion, which called the “hormones of happiness”! People eat sweets and they really like them.

Have you ever noticed carriage hostesses fairly often propose tea-sweets while you’re eating? Have you ever wondered, why? Why do people always take well to enjoy sweets? Because, when they feel sweet taste, they get moral certainty of safe and right way. In ancient times travelers took cookies along. As it was exactly the thing which helped to overcome immense distances keeping chin up and staying full!

Life is full of pleasures, and everyone’s meaning of life is to achieve pleasure. And the strive itself brings motion up.

Many writers tell about “sweet life” concept. For example, - “And luscious life cup is before us” (E.A.Baratynsky). Sweetness is a word which means pleasure and tenderness; it brings joy and smile. Many things cannot be described without it.

“Cloudy, but sweet daydreams give rein to imagination” (L. N. Tolstoy). It’s a sign of perfection.

“Sweet life” – is a triumph of pleasure when people say “Dolce vita”; it means all is well. And what is more, people compare “sweet life” with New Year in their childhood, with gifts and sweets clustered under the tree as well as on the festive table. Both adults and children love sweets. Here we can see interdependency in the huge chain set forth from the very beginning as follows -“motion-sweet taste-sweet life”.

Affection to sweets can be expressed differently. Someone likes eating sweets, and someone adores them so much, that wants to create them. Our company creates sweets to give joy to people.

We have built “Stivado” trademark which embodies 3 concepts such as motion, sweet taste and life. This name sounds soft and laconic to memorize. It combines 2 phonics – “Steve” and “Do”.

We borrowed “Steve” word and phonic from the English name Steven/Steve which is of Greek origin and means the wreath, or the crown. Since ancient times and till present the wreath impersonates success. We give particular emphasis striving for it, as long as this is the motion life is impossible without. There’s a “DO” hieroglyph (Chinese eq. “DAO”), which refers to journey or pathway. These peoples set a high value on self-improvement and motion. That’s why a great many of their scholastic, religious and sports schools are associated with journey and pathway concept. This idea is very congenial to us, so we took this consonance to our name.

“Stivado” is a delight philosophy which brings success in any motion.

Our brand means pathway and striving which turns sweets to the travel ticket. We use candy image in our logo with its sweet touch and sleek, endless shape. The infinity sign which can be recognized in the candy logo, is associated with motion and in some cases, with life itself.

And, at the end of the day- life is a pleasure and aspiration merry-go-round.

 “Stivado” is a journey to sweet life by sweet taste. 

We have chosen this concept for our cookies packing by developing tourists travel boxes in the shape of suitcases and backpacks.

Suitcases and backpacks take a man along to journey. People are always ambitious for something new, and ambition for the sweet and interesting journey itself brings sweet success. Taking cookies along you gain several aims at one fling; you cheer up, stave off hunger and raise chances of success in any other case. And do not forget about endorphins named as “hormones of happiness”. Precisely pursuit of happiness makes people successful. 

By developing the concept of traveler and travelling, “Stivado” trademark has raised up into a mature umbrella brand with the most diverse confectionaries products and fitting every taste. 


At heart each of us is a traveler; someone goes on a journey to childhood and memories, someone travels about the countries exploring beauties of the world, someone goes round through times and watching the generations. Our products are meant for everyone.  




For instance, “Flag Gullivera” introduces meaning of journey. On the one hand, it’s the Gulliver’s imaginary world, on the other – it’s the real one. People aspire to the best, as well as Gulliver who changed place upon place to find exactly what he was looking for so long.